Obtaining Matcha Powder by Drinking Fruit Smoothies

Adding matcha green tea powder to foods and beverages helps people obtain a variety of beneficial plant components in concentrated amounts. Someone whose diet mainly focuses on meat and potatoes may wonder how in the world they’re going to consume matcha. This tea doesn’t come in leaves to be brewed in water, but rather only as powder to be added to other substances. It doesn’t work very well to sprinkle green tea powder on steak or a baked potato, since the flavors aren’t compatible. Instead, boosting the level of fruit and vegetables in the diet through smoothies is advantageous for health, and matcha can easily be included.

It’s safe to say that everybody likes at least a couple kinds of fruit, even if they haven’t been eating much of it. A tropical smoothie might include a banana, mangoes and pineapple, along with some coconut milk and plain or vanilla yogurt. Matcha tea powder fits well with this beverage, which can be used as a complete breakfast or lunch. A little matcha powder goes a long way because it’s such a powerhouse of plant-based nutrients. That means it won’t change the flavor of the smoothie a great deal.

People who don’t normally eat breakfast or who just grab a granola bar may wonder how they’ll ever fit this smoothie into their morning routine. It only takes a few minutes to make, and the smoothie can even go into a travel mug to drink on the way to work. Soon having this delicious beverage is part of a daily ritual, and the person enjoying the fruity concoction wonders how he or she ever did without it.

Matcha tea powder from a supplier such as Kiss Me Organics can be used in an enormous variety of other smoothie recipes as well. An autumn-themed beverage might include pumpkin, apples and cinnamon with yogurt and soy milk. It’s beneficial to add green, red and orange veggies, since those foods supply more of the plant components found in matcha tea. However, if someone isn’t thrilled about the way spinach or carrots taste in their fruit smoothie, it’s not essential to add them.