Reasonable Pricing Prompts Consumers to Buy Hampton Creek Products

For a majority of consumers, pricing is the main factor in their grocery shopping choices. They may not always choose store brands if they’ve noticed a difference in quality, but they’re not likely to spend a great deal more for something that seems essentially the same. For instance, they may like the idea of buying cage-free eggs, but not if a carton costs twice as much as the others. Consumers like these may take an interest in hampton creek products, since the company’s mission is to provide better food choices at prices average citizens can afford.

Consider a product very similar to mayonnaise that’s made with vegetable protein instead of eggs. That may sound like some niche product for vegans that would only be found in natural food stores and priced substantially higher than conventional mayonnaise. Hampton Creek has succeeded in making a sandwich spread that has a flavor and texture very similar to the traditional version while also costing the same amount. That relatively low price caught the attention of people who otherwise wouldn’t buy mayo because of the egg content. Those consumers might have an allergy to eggs or a child with the condition. Others have decided to avoid eggs in any commercial product for ethical reasons and just buy fresh ones from local suppliers. Now these shoppers have the opportunity to buy Just Mayo, allowing them to spread the tasty substance on sandwiches and add it to various kinds of salads.

Hampton Creek’s chief executive officer knows that although price is important, the plant-based food items have to taste as good as their animal-based counterparts or people won’t buy them. He knows that meat eaters shy away from processed foods advertised as vegan because these individuals have been disappointed in those foods. Someone who loves cheeseburgers isn’t thrilled about the selection of veggie burgers in frozen food aisles. For this reason, the company is slowly and methodically perfecting its food offerings before putting them on the market. The goal is to make a positive impression on people who couldn’t imagine enjoying egg-free mayo, pancakes, muffins and other foods.