Reasons to Use a Moscow Mule Copper Mug

A Moscow mule is a popular cocktail that may also be referred to as a Ginger mule or Vodka buck. The drink is made from top quality vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. It is served in a copper mug and garnished with a wedge of lime. The drink became well-known during the 1950s. People the the United States wanted to sip delicious drinks made with vodka. The name is a reflection of the concept of associating vodka as a product of Russian.

In the Beginning

John G. Martin created this slightly spicy yet refreshing cocktail in 1941. While the drink concept was conceived on the East Coast, it quickly become a favorite among celebrities on the West Coast. Once it was dubbed a Moscow mule, it became a mainstay at parties, bars and restaurants. It is easy to see someone is drinking one by the distinctive copper mug the drink is usually served in.

Celebrities and the Moscow Mule

Generations after the drink was first served, it was still something to buzz about. After being the favorite drink in Los Angeles in the 1940s, it continued to rise in popularity. In the 1960, Reno casino owner, William F. Harrah, indicated it was his drink of choice. As recently as 2012, Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things list included a Moscow mule kit, complete with the original Woe ‘n Bull Ginger Beer is was originally made with. Most will agree a Moscow mule tastes best served in a copper mug.

The Notorious Copper Mug

This tantalizing cocktail should only be served in a moscow mule copper mug. A drink this notorious deserves to be served with a touch of class. A 100 percent copper mug is ideal for serving this unique mix of flavors. Using a cup that is copper plated or made with mixed metals has a negative impact on the flavor of the drink. Additionally, a pure copper mug, if cared for properly, will last for years to come. Much like the Moscow mule itself, a copper mug has staying power and is something everyone is sure to talk about for years to come.