Sometimes the Squeeze Bottle Is the Deciding Factor Among Brands of Sandwich Spread

Sometimes the packaging is really important to shoppers buying convenience foods at the grocery store. Savvy food producers understand this and make their items available in more than one type of container. Mayonnaise and mayonnaise alternatives, for instance, are most commonly offered in plastic jars, which have essentially replaced the glass jars of years past. Squeeze bottles of the sandwich spread also are available from companies such as Hampton Creek. Many consumers prefer this option for the bit of extra convenience it offers. There’s no need for a knife, fork or spoon with a squeeze bottle.

People often find that they can be more precise with the squeeze bottle in regard to the amount they want. When grabbing a knife from the drawer and dipping it into the mayo, they’re likely to get more than they actually needed. They spread some on the bread, and some is left over. Now what? Wipe the knife off on the edge of the jar? That’s what people tend to resort to, but the mayo on the jar edge tends to take on an unpleasant oily yet dry consistency.

Hampton Creek also offers its sandwich spread in three flavors besides the original. Just Mayo is available with added garlic, chipotle and sriracha. Once again, however, many shoppers aren’t interested in other flavors. They want the tried-and-true version they’ve been eating for decades. Even though Just Mayo doesn’t contain eggs, they’ve found that it tastes close enough to brands that do have eggs that this technicality doesn’t matter.

It might be funny to think that consumers choose one brand of sandwich spread over another simply because of the container it comes in. If all other aspects are similar enough, however, that can be the deciding factor. When two versions of sandwich spread are priced the same and taste very similar, consumers need to choose between them for one reason or another. Hampton Creek is associated with other beneficial aspects, such as not including eggs, soy, gluten or genetically modified organisms. Many consumers aren’t that concerned about these substances, however. All they want is a creamy, flavorful substance to put on bread when they’re planning to load up the bread with cold meat, grilled chicken or tuna salad.