Take Advantage of Red Wine’s Health Benefits Without Spending a Fortune

To get the best flavor from your wine, it has to breathe. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t enough time between when you open a new bottle of wine and when you serve it to allow it to get enough air. When time is a factor, such as during a dinner party, an aerator can help you bring out the best aroma and taste from your wine.

The benefits of red wine are widely recognized in the medical community. Red wine helps maintain heart health by increasing good cholesterol. For those with a family history of heart disease, drinking red wine may help prevent cardiac problems. Red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol. Lab studies have shown that resveratrol can play a role in reducing diabetes, obesity and heart disease in animals.

Good wine can be expensive to buy on a regular basis. Cheap wine doesn’t always taste good, and it may feel like a chore to drink simply because of the healthy benefits. Fortunately, you can get the health benefits and the great taste of expensive wine without spending a lot of money every day. By using an aerator, you can transform less expensive red wines into great-tasting disease preventing drinks that fit into your budget. By investing in a red wine aerator, you can afford to spend more on expensive wine for special occasions.

Aerating your wine expands the liquid and infuses it with air. To achieve the effect of aerated wine, you can either allow your wine to breathe for a while after you open it, but before it is poured, or you can use an aerator device. An aerator is a simple device the wine is poured through before it reaches the glass. There are a variety of aerators on the market. Some attach directly to the wine bottle while others sit on top of the glass while you pour your wine.

A wine aerator can make a wonderful gift for a friend who loves wine or as a great addition to your entertainment accessories. With an aerator, you, your friends and loved ones can get all the benefits of red wine without paying high prices.