Taking Ice to a Whole New Level With an Ice Ball Mold

Ice cubes from trays in your freezer are nothing new. People have used trays to make ice cubes or bought bags of ice cubes to put in drinks to keep them cold, of course, for decades. Ordinary ice cubes work just fine for most things, but they do tend to melt quickly and dilute whatever you are drinking. There is a solution to this age old problem. Spheres of ice melt more slowly. Depending on the size of the sphere, ice melts up to 10x slower. The best part is they can also be made in your freezer. Today, you can buy an ice ball mold in a number of sizes for a variety of uses.

You can find a mold that will make mini ice balls, small ice balls at 1 inch diameter and extra large ones at 4 inches by 2.5 inches. The bigger the ice ball, the longer it takes to melt. Molds are made out of rubber or BPA free silicone and vary in price. If your freezer is small, you can even get an ice ball maker that sits on your counter. Molds are designed to not tip or leak in the freezer and are stacked up, so they don’t take up too much freezer space. Molds and trays are dishwasher safe.

Sphere molds were first used in scotch, whiskey and brandy because one large ice ball would keep those drinks cold without melting quickly and diluting the alcohol. Since becoming increasingly popular, they are being used for cocktails and any other cold drinks. People have also come up with creative ways to use these molds that are elegant and fun. You can add fruit, such as blueberries, as the ice freezes and put it in blueberry iced tea for a luncheon. That certainly would be the talk of the event. It is simple, yet impressive. You can freeze fruit juice in the molds, and add them to punch. This idea would work in mini molds as well as large ones. Still another idea is to scoop ice cream into the molds, so it can harden. This would look great in desserts such as cream puffs or brownie a la mode.