Taking the Next Steps Toward a Vegan Diet With the Help of Hampton Creek Foods

Most people who become vegetarians or vegans appear to move to the lifestyle gradually, as an incremental transition. They may give up beef and pork first, then poultry. They may continue eating fish and shrimp for months or even years before eliminating that from the diet altogether. The move to dispensing with egg and dairy consumption may be the next step. Of course, this journey varies for each individual. Nearly everyone seems to need access to foods that make the transition easier. With all the new products from Hampton creek set to be released in the upcoming years, that should help people who want to quit eating foods containing eggs or dairy foods.

Some individuals eat a diet that is mostly vegetarian or vegan but find themselves tripped up by the seemingly minutest of food preferences. Someone who loves authentic Parmesan cheese on pasta may have difficulty giving up that one last thing. A person who loves butter on toast or corn on the cob isn’t going to find a completely suitable substitute, at least not yet. However, someone who loves mayonnaise can find an effective alternative with Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo. The creamy substance tastes very similar to traditional mayonnaise even though it doesn’t contain any eggs.

Hampton Creek has been working on other products that can help aspiring vegans take that next step toward eliminating certain foods from their diet. What about a person who dearly loves egg salad? With the upcoming product called Just Scramble, he or she now has an alternative for scrambled eggs that doesn’t taste like tofu. Combining Just Scramble with Just Mayo and a bit of Hampton Creek’s Just Mustard salad dressing creates a faux egg salad that satisfies cravings.

Some purists have felt that a vegan lifestyle shouldn’t include foods that function as fake meat, eggs or dairy products. They eschew veggie burgers, egg substitutes and soy cheese. Not everyone is able to do this on a long-term basis, however. Hampton Creek, like many other producers of vegan foods, realizes this and wants to make the process as easy as possible for these consumers.