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Packing and Luggage Tips You Should Know In traveling, packing plays a crucial role. If there is one essential thing you forgot to pack, it means you may get disappointed the rest of the way. On the other hand, packing too much costs you not just burden but also money to pay for those very pricey baggage fees. Accordingly, you must learn the basic but very important packing strategies to make sure you’re traveling as convenient as possible. 1 – When it comes to packing your things, rolling is always better than folding. Try to ask any experienced traveler and you’ll get the same tip – that rolling is far more superior than folding. If you are thinking about bringing in the lightest luggage with more things inside, you have to realize that tightly rolled clothes actually take up less space compared to folded ones. 2 – Creating a packing list when you’re traveling is imperative. In fact, starting the packing process has to be done weeks before the actual departure date. This will give you more than enough time to complete your list and eventually purchase all the things you need for traveling. Essentially, creating a packing list means you have a fail-safe way in making sure nothing will be left behind.
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3 – You also must be aware of the airline’s policies and fees on travel luggage and baggage. The thing is knowing the airline’s confusing and sometimes tricky baggage fee policies is crucial especially when it comes to budgeted packing strategies. One example is that while majority of airlines will allow you to check in at least one bag for an international flight, many if not all U.S. carriers will charge some outrageous fee for bags checked for a domestic flight. So before starting your packing chores, you must find time to read the airline’s baggage policy online.
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4 – Wisely choose and use your personal item. Airlines do allow you to bring one carry-on bag and a personal item on board the plane. However, this item has a particular limit when it comes to size. So while you can easily bring a tiny purse with you, why not go for a tote bag with extra storage? 5 – Go pack dual-purpose garments. For obvious reasons you can easily have two functions in one thing to pack. Dual purpose stuff includes pants that can be used as shorts as well as a jacket that can be transformed into a pillow. 6 – Finally, don’t ever put those valuable things in the checked luggage. The valuables we’re talking about are your passport, important documents, IDs, credit cards, jewelry, and gadgets. Keep in mind that when the airline loses your luggage, you will certainly regret putting your iPad or watch in that checked luggage or bag.