The Amazing Health Benefits Of The Lowly Dandelion

The Windsor, Canada, Regional Cancer Centre was planning an exciting clinical study to test the results of dandelion tea on patients with end stage lymphoma and leukemia, deadly blood-related cancers. Preliminary tests in petri dishes and in mice found that dandelion extract attacked only the cancerous cells, not the healthy ones. The clinical study was approved some time ago, but is currently on hold.

Cancer Research

Dr. Caroline Hamm, an oncologist, became interested in dandelion tea while she was treating an 85 year old woman who had leukemia. She noticed that after her patient drank dandelion tea, there was a dramatic and unforeseen drop in her white blood count. This spurred the research into dandelion root extract. The hope was that this tea would prove to be an effective, and inexpensive, alternative to radiation and chemotherapy.

Detox Benefits

The detox benefits of dandelion root tea have been reported for many years by those who prefer alternative health remedies. The tea is useful for detoxification because it causes increased urination while at the same time replacing the potassium lost during the detox. The liver is critically important, dealing will digestion and the metabolism of the body. It releases hormones, helps blood clot and breaks down toxins so that they can be removed from the body.

Keeping the liver functioning properly is very important, and dandelion root tea is said to help to cleanse the liver. The root is the important part of the plant in this regard, since compounds in the root cause increased bile production. The effect of this is improved digestion and an improved ability of the liver to remove toxins.

Immune System and Cholesterol

Animal studies have shown benefits to both the immune system and cholesterol levels. They found that dandelion both lowered and controlled unhealthy cholesterol. Another study showed that dandelion was able to boost the function of the immune system, enabling it to better fight off fungi and microbes.

Dandelion root is powerful and not for everyone. Anyone with gallbladder problems should not consume dandelion tea because of its effect on the production of bile. Also, dandelion has a negative interaction with lithium and some antibiotics.

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