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How to Identify a Real Social Media Celebrity Profile It can be challenging to spot the difference between legit social media celebrity profiles and those which are fake. While a lot of celebrities use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel to link up with family and friends and fans, there are still many celebrity profiles out there which are totally fake. Luckily, these websites are now equipped with a unique system that tells you whether or not a celebrity profile is the real deal or not. Verification Process A celebrity profile will likely have so many likes or hearts or stars, but those are not guarantees of an authentic account. Instead, look for the verification icon (on Facebook, for instance, look for a blue circle with a check mark inside). This way, you won’t have to be guessing. Usually, this icon would be placed near the main photo or in any inconspicuous spot. It will likely appear as well on any other page within the website which links to the profile, such as in the results of searches made within that site.
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Since newer and smaller celebrity profile will probably not get a verification icon (yet), the next best thing you can do is to go over the information in About. Celebrities usually provide details about their work, awards, and academic achievements, and may even include a message to fans. On a personal profile, there may also be a note saying only family friends will be able to get access (but they will often offer a link to a fan page. Another thing to watch out for are the links on the About page. Celebrities will usually add links only to official websites and profiles what are verified themselves. Posted Content Just like everyone else, celebrities talk about work, friends, family or their interests on their accounts, so expect personal photos and videos of these things on a real profile. If you’re not sure, check certain details by reading news articles about that specific celebrity. Also, because celebrities need to be careful with what they post online, a real profile will likely not have too many errors in spelling or grammar. Additionally, except with a celebrity is well-known for using harsh language, posts will likely not contain any harsh opinions. Offsite Methods If you’re struggling to find real celebrity profiles or you just want to confirm if a particular celebrity has a profile, try finding clues beyond. In most cases, celebrities’ social network profiles as well as fan pages are also linked to their official pages. If celebrities have representation, their agents will sometimes put their profile links on their bio pages. Finally, if this is unsuccessful, you can always ask fan sites for help.