The Company That Made Health Food Fun

When most of us think of health food, we imagine salads, or even green smoothies. Unfortunately, the average person does not consider a plant based diet appealing over the long haul. A typical food buyer also tends to be hooked on their favorites. Luckily, two enterprising businessmen noticed these problems and decided to create tasty, plant-based substitutes for common products. They started a company, named it Hampton Creek and began reinventing food.

Sourcing Was the Root Problem

Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk, the founders of Hampton Creek, realized that most shoppers’ favorite foods are animal based. They often lead to health problems, no matter what product packaging claims. In addition, animals raised for food live in deplorable conditions, which is not only cruel, but means that food sources are unsanitary. Foods can be laced with hormones and byproducts of the industry include deforestation and pollution. With these issues in mind, Mr. Tetrick and Balk set out on a mission to replace as many foods as possible with healthier plant-based, eco friendly alternatives.

Early Research Improved on the Egg

The first Hampton Creek project was the development of a plant-based egg substitute. After exhaustive research, the company developed Beyond Eggs, a cholesterol free, delicious egg alternative. It behaves like the genuine article but, unlike the real thing, can be updated like software. The fledgling business soon created Just Mayo, one of the most popular new products from Hampton Creek. It is currently sold in many popular stores.

A Mission and Research Created an Industry

The young company’s products caught shoppers’ attention and fired up the imagination and interest of the media. Health food and business publications soon began highlighting Hampton Creek’s goal of creating a sustainable, plant-based food chain. Periodicals detailed the company’s database, which allows them to evaluate thousands of plants for use in food technology. Hampton Creek has grown rapidly and is currently ready to launch more than 40 tasty, plant-based substitutes for foods like salad dressings, muffins, pancakes and even sugar.

Thanks to a couple of curious, eco friendly businessmen, shoppers will soon be able to find healthier replicas of many favorite foods. The products are being offered by Hampton Creek, a company devoted to creating a sustainable, plant-based food supply that benefits the earth and its inhabitants.