The Dangers Of Eating Cookie Dough With Raw Eggs And A Healthy Alternative

Many kids and adults love to eat cookie dough before it’s baked and transformed into delicious cookies. However, most cookie dough contains eggs, and this food should never be eaten raw. Read the information below to learn how raw eggs can make a person ill and how you and your kids can still eat raw cookie dough without the danger of getting sick.

Why It’s Dangerous To Eat Raw Eggs

Raw eggs can contain salmonella bacteria, and when infected eggs are eaten, this bacteria can cause stomach cramping, diarrhea, and a fever. These symptoms can last up to one week and, in severe cases, individuals may need to be hospitalized. Children, elderly adults, and individuals who have a weakened immune system are also prone to developing additional health problems if the salmonella infection enters the bloodstream.

How Individuals Can Get Sick From Raw Eggs Without Even Eating Them

Individuals can also get the salmonella virus from an infected raw egg through contamination. If any portion of the raw egg touches the countertop and the surface isn’t immediately disinfected and sanitized, it can contaminate other foods or objects that come into contact with the infected surface. When using eggs for cooking, it’s important to immediately wipe down the areas in the kitchen where the eggs are handled to prevent a salmonella infection.

Healthy Cookie Dough That Doesn’t Contain Raw Eggs

Adults and children can still enjoy the taste of cookie dough without becoming sick by eating cookie dough that doesn’t contain eggs. Instead of using eggs as a binding ingredient, Hampton Creek adds sorghum to the dough. The sorghum also adds sweetness to the dough, and this cuts down on the amount of sugar that’s added to the recipe. Individuals can safely consume this product before it’s baked, and there are no chances of having ill side effects from eating raw eggs.

Individuals who want a healthier cookie dough they can eat right out of the package can purchase direct from Hampton Creek. In addition to offering cookie dough, this company also provides healthier options of other foods, such as mayonnaise, by utilizing plant-based substances instead of eggs.