The Healthy New Food Products That Are Benefiting the Earth

Wouldn’t it be great if grocery stores sold great tasting, healthy foods that also helped the planet? Well, there’s good news. A startup company called Hampton Creek is now developing several dozen healthier replacements for everyday foods like mayonnaise, cookies and pancake mixes. Even better news, the new products by Hampton Creek are entirely plant based and come from eco friendly sources.

Creating Healthy Foods Starts at the Source

The founders of Hampton Creek are two businessmen who noticed serious problems in the world food supply. Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick noted that many popular foods are animal based, which can lead to all sorts of health issues. Animal sourced food supplies also absorb millions of tons of feed, pollute water supplies and contribute to deforestation. The animals are raised in horrible, dirty conditions, not the ideal beginnings for nutritious foods. With these facts in mind, Mr. Balk and Tetrick realized that a plant-based source is the answer. It would benefit farmers, the earth and food consumers.

Fixing Eggs Was the First Step

Hampton Creek founders decided to begin by creating a healthy egg substitute. They worked with other experts to find a plant-based replica that tasted and acted like the real thing. Soon their research yielded affordable, cholesterol free Beyond Eggs. The product was so successful that they used it as a main ingredient in a mayonnaise replacement they named Just Mayo. The spread was made in three flavors and sold through Whole Foods. It is now a customer favorite and widely distributed through many other stores.

Research Produced a Variety of Products

It wasn’t long before magazines and newspapers zeroed in on the young company’s innovative solutions and products. Investors took note, too. Soon the business expanded and hired food, science and technology experts. These professionals went on to create Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. They are currently planning to market over 3 dozen new products in major grocery outlets.

A few years ago two businessmen decided to fix the unhealthy animal based food supply system. They formed Hampton Creek, a company that creates and produces plant based alternatives to popular products. The business succeeded with several original foods and will soon be making dozens more available to the public.