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Getting to Know More about Africa Africa is among the seven continents in the world which is about thirty million square kilometers in area therefore being the second largest after Asia. Africa is the second most populated country in the world having over a billion people in residence. Most of this population consists of young people or teenagers about nineteen years of age and below. Cultural diversity is present in Africa due to existence of many languages. Most people in America and Europe see Africa as a third world continent associating it with cases of poverty, war and hunger. This is contrary to popular belief as most countries in Africa are successful and thriving in the present days. It is believed to have hosted the first people according to scientific research and archaeological findings. Indian ocean borders Africa to its south east, Mediterranean sea to the north east and Atlantic ocean borders it to the north west. Most parts of Africa were under colonial rule by the European counties such as Italy, Britain and French. Most communities in Africa have diverse cultures and traditions which are used nowadays by people in the society such as dress codes. Egypt had the earliest traces of civilization during the olden days.
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European countries took advantage of the fact that Africa is a land of many resources hence they found the chance to come and exploit them at the expense of Africans. During the scramble and partition of Africa, Europeans used heavy ammunition and superior weapons to conquer Africans and force them under their rule. Those that opposed their rule were killed and the Europeans were motivated to stay there during the uprisings. This was short lived as after the second world war, most countries in Africa gained independence and drove the European nations away back to their continent. The countries gained freedom from being oppressed under the rule of the colonialists.
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There are fifty four countries in Africa of which Nigeria has the largest population and Sudan is the largest of them all. All these countries were colonized by the European nations excluding Liberia and Ethiopia. Africa is the most underdeveloped continent in the world though in recent times it has really improved and is keeping up with the pace of other continents. Africa contains almost 30% of all the world’s resources hence it is a goldmine in itself. The resources available in Africa have not been put into good use as most have not yet been exploited due to the lack of necessary equipment and technology. Gold, diamond, copper, diatomite and petroleum are just but a few examples of resources found in Africa that are not fully exploited by many countries. It has beautiful landscapes especially prehistoric sites and good climate. This is what brings most tourists including the wildlife and diverse cultures.