The Top Five Kitchen Appliances Every Busy Cook Should Have

Obviously a kitchen is nothing without a refrigerator, pots and pans and a reliable stove. But the fact is how efficient you are and how enjoyable it is to prepare meals often has nothing to do with any of these items. If you want to stock your kitchen with the best items for improving the time you spend constructing meals, here are the four items you need to add to the top of your shopping list.

Food Processor

This is the king (or queen) of kitchen ware. This handy little appliance and all of its extra blades and accessories can turn drudgery into awesomeness. Grind and chop meats and slice fruits and vegetables paper thin. Blend soups, whip up sauces and dressings and make an amazing gravy. It is all possible in seconds, and even better, the parts all easily disassemble for a convenient washing in your dishwasher.

Cutting Boards

So simple and cheap, yet so valuable to your kitchen, the cutting board is an easy to store tool which no kitchen should be without. This handy little item will not only save your counter tops from costly damage, but they also prevent the bacteria-laced liquids which drip out of meats and poultry from leaking all across your counters while they are being prepared. Experts recommend every kitchen have two boards, one which is used strictly for raw meats and a second for fruits and vegetables.


A good selection of quality knives are a necessity for every kitchen. Your collection should include steak knives, a paring knife and a chef knife for your all-around cutting needs. In the same grouping is the underrated vegetable peeler, an item you will never allow yourself to do without once you own one.

Cooking Utensils

Whether they are spoons or spatulas, whisks or tongs, kitchen utensils are imperative for cooking, stirring and serving. Forks and spoons are great and make eating a meal a much less messy task, but if you have ever attempted to stir a pot of soup with a teaspoon, you have probably realized they have their limitations.

There are many more handy and helpful items such as pot holders, hand mixers and more which could have arguably made it to the list, but for speed and efficiency, few items compare with the ones mentioned here. This collection will make it possible for you to easily prepare any basic meal.