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American Barrels: A Distillery Unlike Any Other As a country, there are many things that all Americans would agree that they should be proud of. Among those things there are two types of barrels, and they are of the whiskey and gun variety. American Barrels is a bourbon distillery, and they aim to honor both of those things that our country proudly holds high. They pay tribute to gun barrels and whiskey barrels at the same time by designing their bottles as a round of a shotgun. That isn’t the only cool thing about American Barrels’ bottles because that shotgun shell is in the deadly grasp of a rattlesnake. Representing American icons with the design of the bottle not only makes the bottle stand out, but it also gives it a greater meaning. The design is a tribute to some of our country’s values. Although the design is exceptional, it is still not the best thing about American Barrels’ bourbon. What truly matters when comparing distilleries is the taste of the bourbon, which is an area where American Barrels excels. A good bourbon is rich and goes down easy, and that is exactly what American Barrel’s bourbon is, but with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Seeing as the bourbon is 90 proof, it will come as a surprise to veteran whiskey drinkers how smooth American Barrels’ bourbon is. American Barrels may be relatively young, but the taste of the bourbon is more important than the age. American Barrels takes a unique approach to their distilling process. To give American Barrels a quality unlike any other bourbon, there is a whole different action in the distilling of the bourbon. Instead of waiting years for a bourbon to have an exceptional taste, American Barrels uses this process to give their bourbon a taste as good, if not better, than distillieries that have their whiskey age in a barrel. Regardless of the amazing taste that American Barrels offers, they also took the extra step to get rid of hangovers that one will usually get after a night of drinking.
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American Barrels is truly different in terms of their originality. It is the ingenuity, creativity, pride, and care that makes American Barrels a top of the line distillery. Thoughts about our country, it’s history, and it’s values that Americans hold true were always present when starting this distillery, and the traditions that are important to America are also important to the bourbon makers. Choosing to drink American Barrel’s whiskey is a wise decision if one really cares about the bourbon that they are choosing to associate themselves with.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Beverages? This May Help