Tips on Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

If you are planning to be married in the upcoming year, you will find there are a number of choices and decisions to make for your event. One of the most important choices you will need to make is where you plan to have the wedding and/or reception.

Choosing the right venue can be a great way to establish the tone of the wedding. While some wedding venues can be decorated and designed to incorporate any type of wedding from a very casual affair to one that is more elegant, some venues also give a feel to the wedding as well.

Because of this, many brides are choosing to be one of the 2015 weddings at Chateau Polonez. The architecture of the building and the beautiful gardens surrounding the property has made this a great way for a bride to add elegance and sophistication to her wedding.

For some brides the beautiful ballroom may be the perfect place for the ceremony or reception. The ballroom is a magical looking room, filled with beautiful chandeliers and luxurious draperies. It can be a great backdrop for many styles of weddings from fairytale princess themes to weddings, which are more stylish and chic.

Brides who prefer a more natural setting will find the Chateau also has a beautiful gazebo near the lake. These features combined with the gorgeous gardens, manicured yards and lush trees can be the perfect setting for a bride who prefers her wedding to be outside with the beauty of nature as a backdrop. In addition, there is also has an outdoor fireplace area where a wedding ceremony can take place next to the warm glow of a romantic fire.

In addition to areas for the ceremony, the back terrace can be the perfect place for cocktails, drinks or other types of gatherings. This can be a wonderful place for guests to socialize and enjoy a drink while they are waiting for the reception or other portion of the event to begin.

If you are planning a wedding soon, you need to plan where the wedding will be taking place as quickly as possible. It is often the most critical component in setting the tone for your wedding and the best place to begin your planning.