Top Five Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Countless people drink green tea, and those who don’t offer wonder why. Many do not realize that green tea from Japan offers numerous benefits to those who consume it on a regular basis. There are five top benefits of drinking this tea.

All Day Energy

With just one cup of green tea, people can experience all day energy. It offers a slow release energy that keeps adding a little bit at a time. This ensures at all times of day, boosts of energy are added to keep people feeling awake and ready to get things done.

Metabolism Increase

Green tea kick starts the metabolism. This means weight loss goals can be achieved easier with the help of green tea powder. It can be used as a regular tea drink, or added into healthy smoothies and even baked snacks, like a homemade low-fat muffin.

Concentration Boost

For those that often struggle to concentrate, or find their minds feeling tired and forgetful, a concentration boost is necessary. Green tea keeps energy going all day, helping people stay focused and concentrated on the tasks they need to accomplish.


Many foods contain a few antioxidants and nutrients important for overall health. Green tea contains a large number of them. These antioxidants help fight off cell damage and keep the body as healthy as possible, so having a number of them included in only one drink of tea is a major benefit.

Cholesterol Lowered

High cholesterol can lead to heart problems, and even stroke. Green tea is used to help lower cholesterol levels. This in turn can help reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke or heart disease further down the road.

Green tea offers numerous benefits, as long as it it consumed on a regular basis. With all day energy, an increase in metabolism, a boost in concentration, a collection of antioxidants, and lowered cholesterol, green tea is one of the few drinks that provides a wide range of health advantages. Drinking tea each day is not all that is needed, however. While there are many benefits it brings, tea will not cure any ailments people face. By eating right and exercising, combined with the green tea consumption, people will truly experience a healthy mind and body all around.