Understand the Health Benefits Only Matcha Can Offer

In the world of green teas, Matcha green tea is the premium choice when it comes to health benefits. This special tea is full of antioxidants, called catechins. Catechins can protect the body against free radicals that seek to destroy cells, causing inflammation and cancer. Those who are asking what is matcha green tea powder will have their questions answered so they will be fully informed of what this tea can offer their health.

Matcha is a tea that is grown in different areas of the world. Many people purchase matcha that has been grown in Japan, simply because it is grown to exacting standards that allow the beneficial nutrients to be preserved and even increased. Not only is the method used in growing important for matcha, but so is the processing. When matcha is grown and processed carefully, it can offer many more benefits than traditional green teas, including as much as 137x the amount of antioxidants.

When matcha is grown in Japan, they take care to make sure the plants are protected. A few weeks before being harvested caretakers shield the plants with bamboo to protect them from the sun. This protection not only prevents the loss of nutrients, it also helps to increase chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll helps to protect against cancer by cleansing the body of carcinogens. It also fights against yeast and reduces systemic swelling.

When the matcha has reached the age where its leaves are bright green and tender, they are picked by hand and carefully deveined and destemmed. In the best grades of matcha, no stems or veins are included. These leaves are dried and then carefully ground. Ground tea leaves allow the entire leaf to be consumed in a beverage. This silky powder blends well with both hot and cold beverages so it can offer the body the full benefits of the nutrients it holds.

Those who want to improve their health and protect it should include green tea in their diet as often as possible. Matcha not only can be enjoyed as a beverage, but it can also be used in baking and as a seasoning on different dishes.