Vegan Products Featured on Websites That Also Feature Bacon? What’s That About?

It may seem a little ironic to search for information about some vegan products online, such as Hampton Creek Just Mayo, and find details on a website advertising a bacon festival. That’s an indication of how complex and cosmopolitan today’s world of dining has become, with so many people of different needs and preferences perusing the same websites for information.

One website might cater to people who are allergic to eggs. Most people who have this allergy aren’t vegan, but they definitely want products without that particular component. These website visitors look for egg-free alternatives to commercial products, such as mayonnaise and salad dressing. They learn about the Just Mayo egg-free sandwich spread, which is very similar to the usual mayonnaise sold on store shelves. Just Mayo contains canola oil instead of soybean oil, which is welcome news for people who are allergic to soy or who are worried about genetically modified organisms in their food.

In addition, Hampton Creek has egg-free versions of salad dressings in its recent product releases. Some of those products normally contain eggs in the larger commercial brands. As with Just Mayo, those Hampton Creek dressings do not include any GMOs.

Now, what about the bacon festival? Why is it discussed on this website? One good reason is that bacon and eggs are commonly thought of as naturally going together, just like pork and beans. People who are allergic to eggs can have their bacon in the morning at a local diner, but they’re stuck having it with toast unless they find a diner that serves pancakes not made with eggs.

Hampton Creek is set to release an egg-free version of scrambled eggs to be called Just Scramble, which will let people eat bacon along with something very similar to eggs. These individuals might even try making pancakes with Just Scramble to see how the recipe turns out, or they might wait until Hampton Creek releases its own pancake mix. That’s a product that should arrive in the near future. Like other Hampton Creek offerings, it won’t contain eggs. It won’t instruct buyers to add eggs either.