What Amazing Foods Is Hampton Creek Creating?

When one strolls through most grocery retailers, they are now surprised to a see a variety of vegan food choices being offered. In the past, vegans had to shop at specialty food stores and pay a much higher price for foods that did not contain animal products. As veganism is rising in popularity, more and more food manufacturers are rising to the challenge of creating foods for this part of society. Even traditional food manufacturers are offering vegan alternatives to their lineup.

Hampton creek is a company on a mission to make big changes to the food industry. Their vegan beliefs brought them together as friends when they were teenagers and has compelled them to rise to greatness by researching a vast database of plants so new and exciting plant-based products could be introduced to the food manufacturing process. One of the most exciting findings they have discovered is an egg replacement.

Since the vast majority of processed foods contain eggs, manufacturers have been very limited in the food choices they could offer vegans. Cookies, and even mayo, have been off limits. Even though some manufacturers have sought to create these types of foods, they have been mostly unsuccessful in their approaches. Unfortunately, this has resulted in low-quality, tasteless foods that lacked the superior nutrition most vegans seek.

Since they were first begun in 2011, they have continued to research and discover plant-based alternatives. Their products have opened the eyes of food producers, making them realize they must step up to the plate and begin changing their practices to meet the needs and expectations of their vegan customers. This has resulted in change, albeit slow, to the vegan food industry. Even food manufacturers that have never produced vegan products are suddenly becoming interested in increasing their customer base by coming up with innovative vegan foods.

As this company continues to work, it will be interesting to see what transpires. From their ability to recreate traditional scrambled eggs to their line of cookies, there is no stopping this company and its owners who are committed to bringing great change. It is hoped more companies will rise up and adopt these practices as well.