What Are The Different Types Of Sushi Knives

When buying sushi knives it is critical that you discover the difference between a sashimi knife and an option used specifically for sushi. The key difference is that the sushi knife can manage to slice through the sushi roll and all ingredients, when preparing these items. However, a sashimi knife is used only to cut fish and similar products. When you review your options for sushi knife sets today, you should consider which types of items you will prepare and if you need both knives.

What are the Different Types of Sushi Knives

A deba is a sushi knife that looks more like a meat clever. You will utilize this knife when you are filleting your fish. It will slice through bone and cartilage easily without fail.

Next is the santoku, which is used for each step in sushi preparation. This knife will allow you to prepare your veggies, fish and more. It is classified as a one size kits all option. The knife doesn’t match the standard norm for sushi knives, but is a staple within Japanese residences. You can could utilize this knife for most of your steps in preparing sushi, if you do not wish to acquire a full set.

A yanagiba is the standard when it comes to preferred sushi knives used in restraurants and more. You can use this knife for a multitude of purposes. It is considered both a sushi and sashim knife. And lastly, the usuba is primarily used to peel and cut veggies to match the exact measurements needed for rolls and more.

When You are Buying Sushi Knives

You should consider the construction of the knives when you decide to buy. For instance, stainless steel knives present a more viable option for sushi preparation. The knives are more durable and are less likely to rust over time. These knives would present you with a higher worth, even if their initial price is considerably more than standard options. You should also review the specifications when buying to ensure that you are selecting a sushi knife and not one for cutting fish only. If you wish to review your options more fully, visit the website now.