What to Expect from Hampton Creek on YouTube

People post videos on YouTube of all sorts of things, such as home movies, events, and certain activities. Businesses utilize the social media format to communicate directly with their customers. The creativity and scope of information included in the videos can help a business attract new customers, increase search engine rankings, and generate excitement about new products. Videos can also be used to inform customers, and perspective business partners or investors, regarding philosophy, goals, and staffing at the business. Start-up companies can generate a large following quickly without spending any money on advertising, since posting videos is free of charge.

Some companies have more videos than others, like hampton creek on YouTube, so customers can expect a variety of information. Announcements regarding new products, details of ingredients, and recipes account for close to two thirds of the videos found. The others include interviews with chefs, researchers, and the Chief executive officer (CEO) of the company explaining processes, philosophies, commitment to goals, and methods for developing healthy plant-based products. Lectures given at conferences and universities, information about partnerships and investors, and a brief history of the company are also available.

The format allows videos of short duration, like fifteen seconds, to longer videos that can take over an hour. Providing a mix of lengths and topics is the best way to get the most out of the social media outlet. Letting customers see and hear people explaining ingredients or talking through a recipe helps them understand better than just providing the written word. The average person is a visual learner, so seeing the video makes a longer lasting impression. For a business, it is easier to ensure original content with a video than with an article. It also appeals to more of the five senses.

Videos also include links to other videos, links to the business website, and links to other social media sites. That will direct customers to more information automatically. It also reinforces the connection. A video on YouTube, for example, that has a link to the business Facebook page, will allow customers to print off a coupon for the company’s product that was featured in the recipe. The bigger the connection, the more successful the business will be with customers.