What’s Going On at Hampton Creek These Days? Check Out the Company’s Facebook Page

What’s going on today at Hampton Creek food technology company? One effective way to find out is to check the company’s Facebook page. Company representatives update the page regularly with video recipes, news about upcoming products and stores where they can be found, and coupons for those products. Recipes often feature ideas on how to use Hampton Creek products, sometimes in unexpected ways. Who would think of creating a chocolate cake using sandwich spread? Hampton Creek shows how to include Just Mayo in this delicious recipe.

The company invites visitors to engage in conversation on the social media page about which of Hampton Creek’s mayonnaise alternative flavors they like best. Company representatives are quick to respond to questions and comments, even when they have to ask for a little time in finding out answers.

Questions are asked of the social media site’s visitors to get them thinking about aspects such as reducing food waste. They tie in nationally recognized days with some of these discussions, such as asking visitors on Earth Day to consider how to decrease food waste.

The company’s partnership with food service corporation Compass Group began a relationship in which both organizations want to address this problem in a meaningful way. Compass Group’s Imperfectly Delicious Produce program salvages enormous amounts of vegetables and fruit that would otherwise go to waste because it’s not cosmetically perfect. People might not buy a dented potato, an oddly shaped apple or a twisted carrot in a supermarket, but they have no problem eating those foods when the foods are chopped up and served in various dishes.

These days, the company isn’t having to deal with controversy such as handling a lawsuit from a giant consumer goods corporation or being undermined by a government lobby group that promotes eggs. Hampton Creek had no issues with addressing those matters on its Facebook page when the problems were ongoing. They kept everyone up to date on what was happening from their side of the story. It was great news for fans of Just Mayo and Hampton Creek when Unilever dropped its lawsuit and the American Egg Board had to cease and desist its activities against Just Mayo.