What’s the Best Green Tea Brand for Weight Loss?

Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to make healthy choices. Not only do you have to dig through the research to find out what is really good for you and what isn’t, you then have to figure out how to integrate healthy habits into your life! Green tea is, by far, one of the quickest and most effective ways to rev up your metabolism and strengthen your body’s immune system, but how do you know what type of green tea to buy?

Shopping for tea can be overwhelming. There’s regular green tea, organic green tea, bagged tea, loose leaf tea, flavored tea, and that’s only part of the list. If you’re like most people, you want to get as many benefits as possible from the good choices you make. Some companies blend green tea with other types of tea, making it less concentrated and minimizing the antioxidants you get. Some manufacturers use tea leaves that have been treated with pesticides during the growing process, which can inhibit your immune system and stall your weight loss progress.

If you want to enjoy all of the healthy features of your tea and look forward to your tea every day, the best green tea brand is KissMe Organics. Their green tea products are made with organic tea leaves, so you can limit your body’s exposure to dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

In addition, their Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is actually a more concentrated type of green tea. With conventional brewed tea, the hot water takes as many of the nutrients from the tea leaves as it can. You still lose some in the tea leaves, which you don’t eat. Using a ground up powder that dissolves means that you consume everything and don’t throw out any antioxidants or nutrients.

Green tea powder is a popular choice because it can be used in quite a few ways. If you start your morning with a smoothie, you can add a scoop of green tea powder and start your day with an energy boost. The powder can also be mixed into baked goods or hot water.

If you’re looking for your favorite green tea brand, try out some green tea powder and see how you like it!