Why Energy from Energy Drinks Pales in Comparison to Matcha Tea

What is the greatest obstacle to daily productivity? Is it time? Is it simply too much to do and a lack of focus to get it done? The answer for most people circles around one common theme- energy. It is a lack of energy that causes people to underperform, fade off, and not finish what they intended.

Energy drinks are many consumer’s answer to the lack of energy throughout the day. The energy from an energy drink is not necessarily supplied through the caffeine, which most energy drinks have marginal amounts of (some have small amounts at best). The energy comes from man-made manufactured chemicals. The two most common chemicals in energy drinks are taurine and guarine. These are the sources of energy, and they are quite unhealthy.

Despite popular belief, energy drinks do have mild amounts of vitamins. Vitamin B12 is the most vital in regards to daily energy. Though B12 is great, it is arguably the only energy-related inclusion in the drink that is even remotely healthy. There has to be another answer for steady energy throughout the day?

That answer comes in the form of organic matcha tea. Matcha tea supplies a steady energy throughout the day. There will not be a huge spike for most drinkers. The energy is a bit more subtle. Just as importantly, drinkers will not receive that big afternoon rash that occurs once the energy supplied through other means fades off. The energy from matcha tea is quainter and healthier in every single way. It also focuses on concentration, and allows drinkers to focus consistently without that spike or drop accompanied by Monster, Red Bull, Noss, and other popular market drinks.

Some may ask, where can I buy matcha tea? Organic matcha is available at Amazon.com. It is the best place to buy it because Amazon offers protection for buyers who are unsatisfied or who never receive the item. Canada shoppers are best to sue Amazon Canada for quicker shipping. Kiss Me Organics is one of the best providers on Amazon Canada. Stick to reputable brands for an all-natural product shipped fast and packaged right.