Why Matcha Green Tea Powder Is Flying Off Store Shelves

Green tea has long been popular among the health conscious. The delicious beverage can relax drinkers and still provide a gentle energy boost. Those who want even more benefits often choose organic matcha tea powder. The versatile product offers a range of health benefits and can be incorporated into foods and smoothies.

Special Processing Makes a Difference

It is easy to find high quality matcha tea powders on sites like Amazon.com, which provide detailed lists of features and benefits. For instance when they view Kiss Me Organics here, the site explains that the supplier’s tea powders are excellent in lattes, baked goods and smoothies. In fact, sellers often include recipe books. In addition to this helpful information, clients who research green tea powder learn that its benefits are due to the special way that it is grown and processed. Plants are covered to maintain leaves’ vivid green color and nutrients. Leaves are carefully crushed into healthful powders.

Powdered Tea Offers Unique Advantages

Drinking green in any form provides dozens of health benefits and these are enhanced when it is powdered. For one thing, the powder can be creatively adapted for many uses. When brewed and sipped throughout the day, matcha tea powder has a soothing affect. At the same time, it increases focus and stimulates thinking. Although tea does contain caffeine, it does not have the same affect as coffee and will not create a “crash”. Powdered matcha green tea is often part of the stress-reducing meditation that has been linked to weight loss. It works by reducing the stress-induced cortisol that can increase belly fat and appetite. Tea also helps the body burn calories.

Green Tea Is a Health Super Food

Matcha tea powder provides a wide range of health benefits. It is rich in vitamins A and C as well as iron and potassium. Green tea has been associated with lowered “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and increased “good” cholesterol (HDL). Some studies show that it has the potential to lower heart attack risk in men by as much as 11%.

Shoppers searching for healthy foods are buying organic green tea powder in record numbers. It has a calming effect, but also stimulates mental processes. Powdered matcha tea has dozens of health benefits and is often used as a weight loss aid.