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Surprising Your Girlfriend with a Gift She’ll Love They say women are hard to understand. Fortunately, that isn’t always true when you’re looking for clues as to what gift she’ll love. You can start by getting ideas based on her interests, daily activities or style. What does she like? Perhaps fashionable shoes, video games, or jewelry? Imagine her and the things she does, the movies she’s planning to see, the music she listens to, her favorite foodies, her favorite colors. All of these should give you some very good ideas. What type of person is your girl? Is she a barbie who loves fashion and shopping, or a tomboy who’d rather go outdoors and trek? Doe she cook? Does she have a thing for chocolates? Find a gift based on the things you know about her. Also consider what she does when’s free. What are her hobbies? Getting her something that relates to these activities will show that you support her.
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If your girl is career-oriented, look for ideas based on that fast. If she actually is, what are the things she needs at work? Might she like a new bag? Perhaps an executive pen? Or you can get her an iTunes gift certificate to make her morning jogs more enjoyable.
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What are things that might make her life easier? Look around her kitchen or her bedroom. Would she love to get a coffeemaker or a few books for bedside reading? Call to mind some past conversations where you might get some hints. She might have told you what she wants, except she didn’t realize it. Did she say she broke her boot heel on her way to work? That’s a sign. Get her a new pair. Girls adore handmade gifts, especially from their boyfriends. How about making her a hemp bracelet? It’s not important what you’ve got for her. It’s the effort that she really appreciates and she’ll love anything you’ve made for her. Another thing that might help is an inside joke you might have, or anything that you share together. Expand on that. Are you such big fans of Iron Man? Get a collection of Iron Man movies from way, way back and watch them together at home. This will even make you some great new bonding memories. Get more of those creative juices flowing. Think of something very simple. No need to be extravagant. Sometimes, it’s the small ones that really count. Buy a flower and put it on her doorstep. And remember to attach a sweet little note. If you still can’t think of something that sounds right, get help. Ask her friends or her mother. These women never run out of gift ideas. If that still doesn’t work, why not ask her straight what she wants? It will take the surprise out of the picture, but at least, you’re sure you’ll make her happy.