Why Shoppers Are Searching for News About Hampton Creek

For years millions of shoppers have searched for affordable, healthy alternatives to processed foods. Although health conscious buyers can find plenty of fresh vegetables, there have been few alternatives to animal-based processed foods until 2011. That was the year that an innovative new food technology company called Hampton Creek was founded. It began when two well-educated young businessmen identified the need for processed foods that are healthy for consumers and the planet. The company assembled teams of experts to create delicious new products, and soon the public was searching for Hampton Creek News.

Just Mayo Started a Trend

Hampton Creek’s founders began with a goal of solving problems they noted in the world’s food supply. They were sure that earth-friendly plants could be transformed into healthy, affordable and delicious foods. With that in mind, the pair worked with other experts to develop Beyond Eggs. Made without animal-based products, the egg substitute acts and tastes like the original. Unlike actual eggs, Beyond Eggs is designed to be easily changed and improved. Hampton Creek soon folded their new egg product into Just Mayo, a tasty, healthy mayonnaise alternative.

Speedy Development Resulted in Cookies and Cookie Dough

Investors and the media soon took notice of the innovative food technology company. Backers helped it grow, while magazines, newspapers and television featured dozens of articles identifying the brilliance behind the business. Company owners hired top chefs and food scientists to help create new products. They soon had egg-free Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Hampton Creek also created a database that indexes thousands of plants from all over the world. Each is studied, to see if it could be used as a sustainable cash crop which could benefit farmers and food buyers.

New Products Are Heading for Stores

The success of Just Mayo prompted Hampton Creek to distribute it in dozens of retail stores like Target and Walmart. In addition, the business has developed popular egg-free Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. Their experts are working on a healthy sugar substitute and eventually plan to introduce 43 new products.

Food technology business Hampton Creek produces healthy alternatives to animal-based processed products. Soon after introducing its first product, Just Mayo, the company went on to create Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Currently Hampton Creek is developing more than 40 healthy new products.