Why Shoppers Should Get to Know Hampton Creek Foods

Today shoppers look at food very differently than buyers did just a generation ago. Consumers are better educated and much more health conscious. Many choose vegan lifestyles in order to avoid unhealthy animal-based products. Unfortunately, the health food industry is in its infancy and hasn’t really been able to match the appeal of harmful fast foods and snacks. A few years ago two businessmen recognized this and many other food-related problems and decided to fix them. They organized a company called hampton creek and are now on the cutting edge of a food revolution.

Partners Developed a Healthy Egg Product

The first product created by Hampton Creek was a healthy substitute for the eggs, because they are used in so many foods. Founders worked with other experts and created Beyond Eggs, a plant-based food that uses no animal proteins. In fact, it contains peas, canola, sunflower lecithin and natural gums and is cholesterol and gluten free. In time the business created Just Mayo, a healthy, tasty eggless mayonnaise. As interest in the new developments increased, publications began showcasing the company’s progress in print and at websites like http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-steiner/how-to-launch-a-successfu_1_b_html.

The Public Was Given Access to Healthy and Delicious Products

The company has continued to develop plant-based, affordable substitutes that will help reduce the impact of food production on ecosystems. They hired experts from Google and brought in chefs to help devise nutritious, tasty products. Company scientists worked with these professionals to eventually create Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Just Mayo is now being sold by retailers like Walmart, Publix, Target and Costco. Food services distribute Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies.

Researchers Are Taking Success Global

Hampton Creek is first and foremost a technology company that strives to find plant food sources that will meet their high standards. Business owners are constantly investigating thousands of plants listed in the database their programmers developed. They eventually hope to identify cash crops that can be grown around the world, as alternatives to the current corn and soy which many farmers depend on.

The move toward healthier diets recently spawned a new food technology business called Hampton Creek. The company has already developed several great tasting replacements for animal-based products. They employ teams of experts who are constantly working to develop new products and find plants that can serve as profitable, sustainable cash crops.