Why You Need A Real Copper Mug For A Moscow Mule

There are so many drinks you can choose from when you sit down at a bar. It’s important to change up what you’re drinking now and then so you can expand your tastes and experience what else is out there. So many people get stuck going to the bar and ordering the same old drink every time they go. One of the best drinks that you can order is the Moscow mule. This drink is also known as a Vodka buck or Ginger mule because it is made with both vodka and ginger beer. It also contains lime juice and normally gets garnished with a lime as well. In order to get the true taste of a Moscow mule, it must be served in a completely copper mug.

You need to make sure your drink comes in a mug that’s completely made out of copper, not just lined with it. The lime juice is supposed to react with the copper in the mug, which provides a unique taste. This is how a Moscow mule is supposed to be served, which is why copper Moscow Mule mugs are available. You can find these mugs at a retail supplier on the internet or in your area, but you need to make sure the entire mug is solid copper. Buy a lined mug as well as a real copper one and taste the drinks side by side. You will be able to tell a slight difference in the two drinks that make the world of difference to a drink connoisseur. It’s also important that this drink gets made with a high-quality vodka as well. Nobody wants to combine a ginger beer with cheap vodka because it will not taste that good.

Another important aspect of the Moscow Mule is the spicy ginger beer that you use to mix with the vodka. This ginger beer is so important because you don’t want to use something that contains too much sugar. Try Fever Tree Ginger Beer if you don’t know which one to try first. This is one of the most popular ginger beers for a Moscow mule because it tastes a bit more potent than other ginger beers, which masks the flavor of the alcohol better.