Why You Should Eat Less Sugar

Modern people tend to eat far too much sugar. Even foods that are not desserts may contain some amount of added sugar. Since health issues may be caused by the overuse of this ingredient, more people are looking for foods with less sugar. Some food production companies, including Hampton Creek, are seeking healthy sugar replacements, and already offer foods that are more natural. The future looks good for those who want healthy alternatives to sugar, since more options should soon be appearing on store shelves.

The Impact of Sugar Upon Health

Dentists have long warned that sugar can cause cavities, and that warning still holds true today. A diet that is high in sugar may increase the risk of tooth decay and even gum disease. On the outside of the body, sugar can leave its mark as well. Some researchers believe that eating a lot of sugar will eventually lead to sagging skin, which makes a person show more signs of aging.

Sugar can also contribute to a variety of other health issues, such as increasing feelings of stress and lowering the ability of the immune system to fight off illnesses. It can cause obesity as well. Another problem with sugary foods is that they are likely to be low in nutrition, and people would be far healthier if they were instead choosing foods that were filled with vitamins and other nutrients.

Alternatives to Sugar

A variety of artificial sweeteners are now available, including the popular Stevia. These can be added to food or drink in place of sugar to provide a sweet taste. Due to the research of Hampton Creek and other companies, new sugar alternatives may soon be available to those who want to eat healthy.

Sugar substitutes are another way to improve recipes. Honey is all natural and can replace sugar in many dishes. Putting more fruit into desserts can also make them sweet without any need to add sugar. This is one of the simplest ways to lower the amount of processed sugar in a diet.

Due to how much sugar can affect health, a goal of eating less sugar is important. By turning to alternatives and looking for solutions from companies such as Hampton Creek, people will be able to have a healthier lifestyle.